Patient Testimonials

Joanna Riding - Actress, singer & dancer.

Theatre can be very physically demanding. I've been struggling with some old injuries as well as waking up with some new tightness and twinges. Sheila has been wonderful. Not only has she fixed those new aches and pains, but she has also helped me manage the older problems and I haven't missed a show. Sheila is both gentle and informative, explaining what she needed to do.

Jenny Felton

I want to thank you sincerely Sheila for helping me when I was in absolute agony. I had visions of chiropractors crunching away at my bones. How wrong was I. Never once did you cause me any pain or discomfort. Your only goal was to help repair my injuries and by following your advice and guidance we got there.

Lieutenant Nick Dymond – Royal Navy

In my capacity as the Royal Navy Portsmouth Field Gun Officer, I regularly sent injured field gunners to Sheila Stakim for treatment during training. This fiercely fought competition was held at the Royal Tournament each year and back, neck and shoulder strains were commonly sustained. 

The speed of recovery on completion of treatment was quite remarkable. Sheila was an essential element in our team and I, on behalf of Portsmouth Field Gun Crew, would like to thank her for her professional help and support.

Chris Bishop - Mechanic

When I first consulted Sheila I had been off sick from my job as a motor mechanic for over four years. I was suffering with severe back and chest pain caused by a work-related accident.

Doctors had told me there was nothing they could do to help me and I thought I was finished at the age of thirty-six! Sheila has been treating me and I have recovered sufficiently well that I am now working again. It has been a long road to recovery but I couldn't have done it without her.

Karen Edwards - Parent 

My son Thomas, aged two years, had been waking in the night crying at least three times a week with leg pains which I had been told were "growing pains". I was very worried about him. I took him to see Sheila and she found that the pains were being caused by a trapped nerve in his back. Sheila treated him and now the pains are very rare. If he ever gets them nowadays, they are quickly relieved by chiropractic treatment.

Joan Thomas - Singer and Dancer

I have been a patient of Sheila Stakim for ten years. In 1996, she treated my upper back which improved my posture and gave me greater chest expansion. This helped my singing. Two years later she helped to get rid of a nagging pain in my lower back. After I twisted my knee dancing, she realigned it enabling me to dance on. Most recently, I had been getting pain and swelling in my foot following an old fracture years ago. This resolved instantly after Sheila manipulated it.

David Cox - Writer

Sheila cured my neck and shoulder problems completely. She also told me how to make sure my problem didn't come back. I've been perfectly OK ever since I went to her.

Nina Bates, pensioner

I had been getting aches and pains and was given a consultation at Emsworth Chiropractic Clinic for a birthday present! Since coming, I have been much more supple and fit. 
The staff are helpful, kind and understanding, I am a complete convert to chiropractic care.

Francesca Cooper.

BUPA (health insurance company) gave me the name of the clinic and I have had a vast improvement in my life - practically pain free. 
It has worked! The staff are flexible and friendly.

Julie Harland, Manager - rail industry.

I first came to Emsworth Chiropractic Clinic because I had a work related injury to my lower back. I do a lot of running, so it has assisted with keeping my body in one piece after all I throw at it.

The people are friendly and fantastic. After seeing what chiropractic can do I always recommend this as a course of action to people with any sort of problem. It's worth every penny.

Alan Wiseman, Financial adviser.

I consulted Sheila because I had lower back pain, I couldn't afford to have time off work as I'm self-employed. 
With treatment I quickly recover from any back injury. 
There is a friendly, family atmosphere whilst keeping it professional. I brought my baby in which helped her to stop crying and sleepless nights. 
I recommend this clinic because I trust the practice.

Susan Service, Mother

I came to Emsworth Chiropractic Clinic for treatment of back pain.
I've had a lot less pain and no longer feel my back could "go" at any time. I like the friendliness and efficiency of the staff. 
I have brought my daughter and it helps her with her horse riding and gets rid of her leg-ache.

Sam Escott, Mother

I was in so much pain and Sheila was recommended to me. I am definitely feeling better than when I first started coming and can do much more now. 
You feel relaxed as soon as you walk through the door. I have brought my son in and he has definitely benefited from his visits. 
Sheila has helped me a lot and I know she already helped my family.

Michael Woodward, Craft baker

I came to Emsworth Chiropractic Clinic because of a bad back. 
It is better, stronger and I am more able to lead a normal life. I like the friendliness and honesty of the staff. Chiropractic care works!

Alison Lee, Housewife/mother

I consulted the clinic in the first place because I was in agony. 
I found out from Sheila I had put a rib out. I generally feel better. I have M.S. so added complication but can walk further since coming to the clinic. 
Sheila was very understanding about my M.S. and put me at ease. 
Chiropractic has helped me and I like to think it could help others.

Deirdre Abel, Sales assistant

The pain I was experiencing was not decreasing and I knew that painkillers would only mask the problem. I am now able to be more flexible with gardening etc. and more aware of how to do things ie. lifting, bending properly. There is a very friendly atmosphere and very professional. Always able to get an appointment at short notice if necessary. Everyone would always receive a high level of care and treatment.

Stephanie Burnett, Housewife.

I was suffering from constant nagging back and neck aches. Coming to Emsworth Chiropractic Clinic makes it easier looking after and keeping up with two small boys! They are always punctual, it is a nice environment and they are friendly. 
I have also recommended my father who still attends.

Peter Bedford, company director.

I first went to Emsworth Chiropractic Clinic with neck problems. I am able to carry on as normal and not take time off work. 
The atmosphere is friendly, my daughter Meghann has had no more problems since coming.

Sue Harding, Receptionist.

I have long-term back problems. Chiropractic helps me keep on top of problems ie. pain/discomfort. I have cut down on pain relief - my lifestyle has improved totally. 
The staff are friendly, approachable and capable. 
My three-week old grandchild came for treatment and his sleep pattern was aided 100%.